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176 visa renewal query

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Hi guys, just a quick question. I've got a 176 visa (permanent resident) but the visa itself will be due for renewal in a while (not until July 2016 actually). I came in as the spouse of my now ex partner. Can I renew the visa? If so how do I do it? Will I be man-handled onto the first available flight back to the UK?


I'd really rather stay if I can.


Also, my passport is due for renewal, what happens with the visa itself i.e. will I need to show both the new passport and the old one containing the visa?


Many thanks in advance.



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If you're staying in Australia you don't need to do anything. It's only if you want to leave and come back then you will need a Resident Return Visa. Or you could apply for Citizenship instead. You can apply for a new Brit Passport online .

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Yes, as QSS says your right to remain is indefinite, it's only your right to return if you leave that expires after 5 years. A rip off as far as I can see, just a way of exhorting more money from migrants, most people opt for citizenship instead.


Visa labels are no longer required although for a while you could take your new passport in and have one attached - I think you still can but they charge for it now. No harm in carrying both passports or even a photocopy of your visa though.


Unless you have travel plans you don't need to renew your passport.


PS I have got your second assignment but I'm away on a course myself - finishes today so I'll get back to you soon!

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