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After getting the good news of a direct grant on Saturday for a 189 visa, I'm looking to move to melbourne in January next year. My query is, what to do with my savings? I don't have any need to leave any money here in the UK. I have an aunt and uncle in Australia that I have transferred money to in the past, albeit it small amounts. I am unsure whether to ask them to transfer the money into their account and get it when I arrive, somehow open an account from here and transfer my money into it that way or withdraw my cash here, exchange it into dollars and take it in cash to deposit into an australian account after I arrive?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, most of the main Aus banks allow you to open an account a year prior to moving. And there are specialst money transfer companies that people use to transfer money.. NAB, ANZ etc and Moneycorp etc to transfer the funds. There are links to these companies on here. I used ANZ and TorFx but a lot on here have recommended NAB and Moneycorp.. :chatterbox: There are lots to be honest.

In sunny Townsville... :wink:

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