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IELTS, Sat 19th April, Liverpool

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Just wanted to post this to the friendly people I met at the IELTS test in Liverpool Uni on the 19th (whom I know read PiO). It was great to have someone to chat to whilst we waited for it all to kick off, and then for the speaking tests. Hope y'all get the points you need!




(the bald bloke doing the general training test, heading for Perth)

Aspiring to Perth. ACS Application sent 07/02/08, acknowledged 12/02/08, passed 11/04/08 (2231-79). IELTS test 19/04/08.

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Hi Ben,


I didn't get to meet you yesterday but wanted to wish you all the best for the results. I found it amusing that every British person I met was also off to oz too. Found the exam was a mixed bag, think I stuffed up the listening part as missed my place on 3rd section with the lady talking about college study and also on the dreaded map at the end. The easiest parts for me were the reading and speaking.


Anyway, best of luck :smile:

175 submitted June 08, CO end Nov 08, meds and police checks done Jan 09 - visa granted Feb 09

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