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Living in Aus but want to get mortgage with Mum in UK???

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Ok..so compicated situation.....this is the short story..

I am now an Australian citizen/ dual citizenship with the UK and I live and work in Australia for now...in th next 5 years I will move back to England.

My parents are going through divorce, my Mum has MS and the house they are in is suited to her longterm needs...

So I want to know if I can get a mortgage in my name and my mothers name together, in the UK while I live and work in Australia, to be able to buy my Dad out...!??

can someone help me understand if this is possible??


thank you!

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On the face of it, I can't see why you would not be able to get a joint mortgage with your mother -- provided you can pass the credit check in the UK.


The problem will be a UK bank lending to you when your income and current assets are (all?) held offshore. Additionally, depending on your situation you may not be classed as UK resident at all. You'd definitely have to consult a mortgage advisor, or your UK bank, to see what their lending criteria are.


Some bank certainly will offer you a mortgage in these circumstances (Barclays Wealth for example), but I'd guess the lending criteria are tough and the deposit large.


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