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Farm work in Victoria (East Gippsland?)

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I'm moving out of my houseshare in a week and want to find casual farm work (Farm hand? 1 month approx) in Victoria just to try it out. I've heard there's supposed to be good work up in Mildura and Shipperton but ideally I'd want a place in east gippsland, close to the coast. Does anyone know of any farms there with good work?


also a few other things :smile:



  • I'm thinking of renting a camper van as accommodation. Have people had good experiences with this - is the typical cost $40 per day or higher?
  • whats the best way to find out about work on a particular farm - just call them up and ask? Any keywords to use to increase your chances? :wink:
  • any other tips for securing farm work?



Thanks a ton! :smile:

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Keep your eye here http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/backpacker-job-vacancies/


Campervans I don't think you will get one for $40 a day, maybe $65-$80 but then you have all the insurances to add on which can be an extra $40. Look at wicked campers they are known for their cheap vans

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