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Medicals for 457 - any recommendations for quick turnaround results?

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Hello peeps.


Have lodged my side of 457 application after an agonising wait for TRN number from sponsor - had not realised they had not even got a sponsor status until I have completed everything for the skills assessment :arghh:! Not impressed to say the least. Only got 9 weeks left before I have to register in person at AHPRA so panic mode definitely on.


Rant over. In preparation, am wondering if you lot have any recommendation on which one to choose for visa medicals (particularly one with quick turnaround time??). We are in Cambridgeshire so closest would be London/Essex ( Knightsbridge or Spire Brentwood), or Birmingham (Handsworth or Spire Little Aston). What would be the expected turnaround results from the medicals, do any of you know? Had read some issues with one in Birmingham in another forum (apparently very slow with miscommunications etc). We don't mind paying more as long as we don't have to play the unnecessary waiting game again.


Thanks in advance for any reply x

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Birmingham (Handsworth Wood) is where I had mine done, results were uploaded and submitted exactly 10 days after. I did mine on a Saturday morning at 9:30 which made life easier for sure!

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