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Guest HCC

Advice on best place to live between brisbane and sydney?

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    Guest HCC

    Hello all...being somewhat of a virgin to this forum and to the whole emigrating thing too..can anyone shed any light on the most ideal area to live in..Having never been to Oz (but partner lived in coogee for 2 years but thats looking quite pricey) we are thinking of moving over there permanantly with our 5 year old daughter. We kinda think somewhere between brisbane and sydney, neither of us are city dwellers nor total out in the sticks country bumkins types... I guess my wish list is somewhat challanging...so here goes...


    a) 4 bed house for under $400K in area suitable for families (ie..not a rough dodgy area)

    b) has excellent primary/secondary school

    c) local amenties within short drive/walk away

    d) beach not to far either

    e) easy train ride or 1-2 hr drive to nearest city

    f) oh and a local vet would be good...as need to find work as a VN.


    well if anyone can advise on an area that fills my probably unreachable list...you would be a complete saint and it would at least give me somewhere to start aiming for when we go on our recky visit next year.



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    Hi HCC


    Just a personal observation but the Northern Rivers Region of NSW looks very appealing and my friends in Oz say it's a thriving community.


    Hope this helps


    Good luck





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    Hi, and welcome.


    To give you my cents worth - I would agree with Sharon, The Northern Rivers Region of NSW would suit your listed criteria. If you’re not aware, the region is located about a 2 ½ hour drive south of Brisbane, or about 10 hours north of Sydney.


    Ballina & Lismore would be the places most populated, with numerous other towns surrounding, such as the world famous Byron Bay or Lennox Head for examples. Beaches are aplenty in the region, with some surrounded by beautiful Hinterland.


    Personally, I’ve spent a lot of time visiting these areas growing up as a kid and also as an adult, when living in Brisbane, as I have alot family living there (folks have recently moved there too). I can’t think of a better place to raise kids. Crime rate is low & lifestyle is clean and healthy. Plenty of schools to choose from too. There is also a University in the area. (Southern Cross) for when the kids get older.


    House prices have boomed there in recent years, but I believe they will continue to rise steadily in the future due to the large amount of southern “baby boomers” retiring in the next 10 years and looking for that perfect retirement spot, or executives looking for a sea change, as they have done so in the past in great numbers.


    If you would prefer being closer to Sydney, perhaps look into the Central Coast Region, which is about a 90 min drive (mainly freeway) north of Sydney.


    Either way, both places would provide for a great lifestyle, with the convenience of having a major city close by. Unfortunately securing decent employment in both areas might be a challenge though, but I suppose that’s a completely different topic.

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    Thanks for that Mark78, appreciate the affirmation of my research.



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    Guest HCC

    thanks very much...i shall definately be researching those areas. Very helpful and at least gives us somewhere to start looking...cheers..

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    Guest dodge

    if u want to be near a main city for the budget u have , maybe look at areas near the gold coast, the hinterlands are nice and pretty but close to the beah and brisbane. good luck . it always pays to rent for 6 mts to see if u like the area u chose, its a cheap way to find out where u want to be .

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    Guest HCC

    thanks for all that..we will definately rent first anyway...once we have found work etc...then decide where is more practical. It all sounds great..i just want to get out there now and get the ball rolling...first things first..am hoping next year we can get out there for 4 weeks just to get the feel of the place, explore and just have fun. Take it from there.

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      • By KerryR
        I am new on here and thought I would see if anyone can offer any guidance please. We are just waiting for final answer 're 189 visa. My family and I are looking to move to the Gold coast.  I am a registered children's nurse and my current role is a Team leader in Child mental health and have 16 years experience within this area. Can anyone recommend vacancy websites or links/ contacts that maybe helpful for me. I am interested in continuing my career with children, young people and families and I am open to job opportunities within different settings that care for young people. I do look on smart jobs for Queensland at present, any advice/ suggestions would be really appreciated.
        Thank you
      • By Peata Whyted
        Hi everyone, first time posting in Poms in Oz, I was a frequent poster in Poms in Perth when we moved over 4 years ago, and got a great deal of advice on there.
        Sorry to post yet another suburb related post, I will try and keep it as straight to the point as possible.
        We moved to Perth 4 years ago, we have loved it here, but a work opportunity has developed in Sydney so we will be relocating there in January (we have 2 boys 11 & 6).
        I will be based in North Ryde, and would like to keep the commute manageable if possible. Happy to use public transport if need be (North Ryde Station is 10 mims walk from the office).
        We currently live in the Piara Waters / Harrisdale area of Perth if anyone knows it, which are pretty new suburbs, in fact we are the first to live in the house we rent.
        We really like the modern feel of the suburb, and would like something similar in Sydney. Not sure how possible this is (are there many ‘new areas’ being developed?).
        The main things we are looking for is a decent area, with a nice community feel, good schools within a commutable distance of work. All of this for circa $700pw
        I am there in 2 weeks and will be checking out suburbs. Have been told to look at The Hills district (Kellyville, Cherrybrook, Rouse Hill) and the Central Coast area (will see what the drive is like).
        Would really appreciate some guidance from you all, tell me where to check out, and where to avoid
        Pete & Jo.
      • By Helen77
        Hi all,
        My family and I are moving over to Sydney at the end of November. I'm having a massive panic about schools and which year my son will be enrolled in.
        My 7 year old's DOB is 21.07.10. He started school in the UK when he was 4 years old in 2014.  He's one of the youngest in his year and gets on fine. He's currently in Year 3 in the UK and I'm being told if he starts in Oz at the beginning of the year (2018) he'd start in Year 2. Which means, if we catch the end of this school year (which I'd like to because he might make a couple of friends before the school break up over Xmas) he'd actually enter Year 1 which sounds like a huge step backwards for him in terms of where he'll be at academically compared to the other children. 
        Has anyone else had similar worries and how have you addressed them? Someone said that if he is finding it too easy then he would be moved up a year. Can anyone clarify any of this for me please? 
        Thanks so much
      • By Cerberus1
        If you have never visited the welcoming suburb of Cleveland, you are certainly missing out on one of Brisbane’s hidden suburban gems.
         There are plenty of things to see and do in Cleveland, and as far as suburban living goes Cleveland offers a beautiful balance of quality shopping centers, delicious restaurants, good schools and plenty of public transport.
        Cleveland is a fantastic Brisbane suburb for young families looking for a place to settle down; with an abundance of family-friendly activities including many parks, the local Cleveland Pool, and the Redlands Hospital within close reach, it really offers everything a young family would need.
        This suburb also happens to be a very popular destination for those looking to retire; with many well-respected retirement villages including Aveo Cleveland, Renaissance, and many others.
        The best streets in Cleveland, Brisbane, completely depend on which reason you are choosing to move to the suburb.
        If you’d like to live a luxurious lifestyle, and be within reach of a direct route to Brisbane’s CBD, you may choose to live in Raby Bay.
        However, if you are looking to raise a young family you may want to choose a home located in the streets around Cleveland’s kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.
        Cleveland is a fantastic suburb to raise a family, as previously mentioned, one main reason being that the Cleveland schools offer a lot of support for students with many programs created to build a sense of community and offer specialized education for certain interests.
        The Cleveland Primary School caters for students from Prep to Year 6, and during their schooling students are able to participate in sporting programs, drama, music, and other specialized education. Cleveland Primary School also has a well-respected Swimming team, known locally as ‘The Cleveland Penguins’.
        Two additional benefits for parents sending their children to the Cleveland Primary school are the on-site dental office for easy dentist appointments, as well as on-site before and after school care.
        If however your children are high-school aged, they will be attending Cleveland District State High School. This is a very well respected school with plenty of award-winning and high-achieving students.
        The main specialized programs on offer at this school are the sports program, foreign language program, and leadership programs. There is also a lot of support for students as they prepare to transition into the workforce, with Year 10 students being given the option to participate in certificate programs within the school year so that they may graduate with qualifications.
         Cleveland is the end of the line for a direct train service that goes directly to Brisbane’s CBD and through to Shorncliffe station. This is ideal for those looking to work in the city, or in neighboring suburbs.
        Apart from the central train line, there are also plenty of bus services around Cleveland, making it very easy for students and adults to travel around the suburb and beyond.
        On top of this, there is also a ferry service on the edge of Cleveland that allows for transport to Stradbroke Island, a beautiful island that is known for it’s beaches and delicious gelato shop. A wonderful holiday destination, this is another benefit to living in or travelling to Cleveland, Brisbane.
        From clothing to groceries, Cleveland has a fantastic range of shopping available all around the suburb.
        One of the most popular shopping destinations that has to be mentioned is Stocklands Cleveland. Located just a short walk from the Cleveland Primary School, this shopping center offers a variety of stores including a Woolworths Grocery Store, a Golden Casket, a few delicious cafes, a Liquourland, and a Terry White Chemists, among other stores.
        Bloomfield Street in Cleveland offers a variety of shops that stretch along the street. For your Fashion needs, boutiques to visit include Louky Boutique, Neon Laundry, Jolie, and Get Gorgeous.
        On Sundays Bloomfield Street closes off for the weekly Cleveland Village Farmer’s markets, which is a great place to find farm-fresh produce, handmade gift ideas, and bakery-fresh bread and desserts.
        If you plan on driving from Cleveland to Brisbane’s CBD, you will need to know that it is a total of 28km distance.
        The easiest route is to take Shore Street all the way from Cleveland through to the CBD – you will drive through Capalaba, Carindale, and Woolloongabba, however it is an easy drive if you give yourself enough time.
        For the youth that grow up in Cleveland, many of the most popular jobs are in the hospitality industry. There are many small cafés, as well as restaurants, fast food restaurants, and grocery stores.
        For those having trouble finding employment, there are a few employment services in Cleveland including Employment Services Queensland on Queen Street, and Mylestone Employment (for disabilities) on Bloomfield Street.
        Cleveland as a suburb is a fantastic place for those looking to be employed by small business, however many residents of Cleveland have work outside of the suburb that they travel to.
        Cleveland is a beautiful, quiet, and welcoming community that offers plenty of fun things to do on the weekends and during the week.
        If you are looking for a relaxing time, Stephanie’s Vintage Day Spa on Middle Street in Cleveland offers an abundance of services including highly reviewed massages. The spa itself is beautifully decorated and is a perfect destination for a one-off relaxation appointment, or for regular treatments.
         If you are a foodie, Cleveland is a wonderful place to enjoy a delicious meal! Raby Bay Harbour is very popular for restaurants including Hogs Breath Café, The Funky Mexican Cantina, Icon Bar, and many others. There are also delicious restaurants dotted around the suburb – many which deliver locally. One of the most well respected restaurants is Maharaja, an Indian restaurant with arguably some of the best butter chicken dishes in Brisbane.
        The Cleveland Lighthouse is a beautiful place to visit on the weekend to enjoy the scenery. From the lookout you are most likely to see a few friendly Pelicans swimming about.

        There is a recently renovated park with a playground perfect for young kids, as well as a gelato shop, fish and chips, a café, and a fine dining restaurant.
        If you are considering moving to Cleveland, the median house prices (according to Real Estate.com.au) are $460 per week to rent, and $560,000 to buy.
         To rent a unit by comparison is around $300 per week, or $395,000 to buy.
        Overall, Cleveland is a wonderful bayside community, offering an escape from the busy city and a perfect place to raise a young family.

      • By Cerberus1
        CENSUS 2016 – OUR BRISBANE

        Brisbane’s LGA population has grown by 1.7 per cent per annum on average over the past five years, in line with the national average.
        This increase in population is mostly attributed to continued growth in outer suburbs such as Taigum, Fitzgibbon, Rochedale and Burbank, but also reflects the increasing growth in inner city suburbs such as Bowen Hills, Newstead and Fortitude Valley.
        Brisbane’s population growth has also been supported by migration. The number of overseas born residents, particularly from China and India, as well as a host of other Asian nations, has increased.
        The proportion of Brisbane LGA residents born overseas increased from 28.3 per cent in 2011 to 30.6 per cent in 2016.
        Although the United Kingdom and New Zealand remain the most common overseas nations of birth, this proportion has decreased.

        Language diversity in the city has increased with the shift in migration. The most commonly spoken languages other than English are Mandarin, Vietnamese and Cantonese.

        Brisbane’s median age has increased slightly from 34 to 35, due to a 16.6 per cent increase in the number of residents older than 65.
        The proportion of residents who have completed high school has increased from 69.5 per cent to 72 per cent.
        There has also been an increase in the number of residents attending universities from 81,000 to 97,800.

        Brisbane’s median personal and household income continued to increase between 2011 and 2016, by 10.6 per cent and 13.4 per cent respectively.
        Median personal income in the Brisbane LGA is $770 per week, which is higher than the median income for Australia, Queensland and Greater Brisbane.

        The median mortgage repayment decreased in the Brisbane LGA, as interest rates reached record lows.
        As a result, housing affordability has improved, with the proportion of household income spent on rent and mortgage repayments decreasing.

        Improved rental affordability has occurred at the same time as the proportion of renters in the Brisbane LGA has increased, which in part reflects an increase in the proportion of people living in apartments.
        The average household size in the Brisbane LGA remained unchanged between 2011 and 2016 with the growth in occupied dwellings in line with population growth.

        Greater Brisbane has retained its position as the most internet connected of the state capitals.
        The proportion of dwellings with an internet connection increased further between 2011 and 2016, from 78.6 per cent to 82.4 per cent in Greater Brisbane (84 per cent of dwellings are connected in the Brisbane LGA).