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Immiaccount status question

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Hi Guys,


I'm not sure if someone has already posted this but I did search the website but couldn't find the exact answer I was looking for...so I figure I'd better start a new thread here..


I'm applying for ENS 186 under transitional scheme - anyways after submitting all documents I can see the status of each evidence I have submitted has changed to "Received". However, there is still one evidence states as "Recommend". I was wondering if I MUST submit docs for this particular evidence?


I lodged the nomination in late June but still haven't heard anything from the department. The status of the online immiaccount is still "in progress". I havent submitted my application yet cos i want to make sure the nomination will be granted first..


Could anyone please help me?

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Shouldn't your employer submit the nomination? Is there any reason they / you have not provided the recommended document? What is it anyway?

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My employer agrees to sponsor me but since I registered the immiaccount so he provided me with the docs and asked me to submit them.


The docs "recommended" by the department are delayed and my employer hasn't got hold of them yet.. it is the financial status report

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