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EOI - Accountant (General) 22111 - 189 Visa - 60 points - Waiting time

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[h=1]Dear All,


I really need your advise please ...


I am accountant and I have applied for EOI (Australia) on - 20th September 2014 (60 Points, Category "General Accountant" - 189). Please if you may guide me on current estimated waiting time, to hear back on EOI for Accountants with 60 points ?


On inquiring with Agent, I was told that current waiting time could go upto 4 months .. not really sure this is correct .. ?





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Four months seems quite a conservative estimate. There is no way to be 100% sure, as there is always the theoretical possibility that 500 accountants with 65 points will all lodge EOIs today and make the 'queue' longer than it currently is.


However, the results for the round of invitations made on 8 September 2014 are likely to be a good guide:




The results tell you that accountants with 60 points who had made an EOI on or earlier than 14/08/2014 at 11:53 pm received an invitation in that round.


This suggests that if you lodge an EOI today you probably won't get an invitation at the next round of invitations (13 October 2014), but you may get an invitation the round after that (27 October 2014), and you are very likely to get an invitation in the next round again (10 November 2014).

Lawson Bayly

Principal Lawyer (MARN: 1278866)

Visa Law Immigration Lawyers - www.visalaw.com.au

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