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Ishfaq Ali

Best JOB Search WEBSITE's Best Recruitment Agencies of Australia.

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I have been using http://www.seek.com.au/ and find it quite decent for IT. Jobs are updated frequently and they have a very good mobile app too. However, most of the IT jobs are from consultancies and looks like many are just phishing for candidates... Just my 2 cents

IELTS - L:7, R:8, W:7, S:8; ACS 261312 Positive Skills Assessment (01/09/14); 189 EOI Lodged (04/09/14) - Invited (08/09/14); Visa Lodged (26/09/2014), CO Assigned (02/12/14), PCC (25/12/14), 189 Visa Granted (08/01/2015)

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