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Online Application for Parter Visa Subclass 820 & 801 - Questions!

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Hi everyone


I have been reading posts on here for ages and am finding so many useful tips, so thank you all for being incredible and such a supportive bunch. I haven't posted myself since my initial post so I feel bad for now coming back with questions. Please forgive me and bear with me!


If there is a thread where this is answered that I've missed, please feel free to point me in that direction.


I just have a few small questions. I am about to lodge my online application for the partner visa (in Australia) and am getting everything ready.


1. Do we still need passport size photos when applying online? If so do we scan them in or upload digital ones or what? The boy and I have recently had passport photos done for paper applications for other things but it seems like an odd one for online. Anyone able to enlighten me, or will it all become clear once I actually lodge?


2. My current working holiday visa expires in December. I assume that I will remain on that until then and then hopefully be granted a bridging visa. We intend to visit the UK next year for a month, so where during the application process can I advise them of that? They say you have to let them know so I'm hoping I can do it when I lodge.


3. Is it just me (the applicant) who needs health and character checks, or should my boyfriend have them too? He's Australian but spent a few years in the UK on working and ancestry visas.


4. General consensus - is lodging all the stuff and then adding the medical and police checks at a slightly later date a good way to go? It would seem so but I just want to make sure that others who have done it that way have encountered no big issues please?


Those are the main questions for now, I am feeling fairly confident with all my documentation, just have to get a few bits witnessed and I'm good. They can only say yes or no in the end, right!? And all bridges can be crossed as they are approached. My life is here so I have to believe in a positive outcome. There is no reason why I should't get what I want. I deserve to have my dreams come true :cute:


I'd love to hear any other experiences or recommendations that people have. Especially from anyone who, like me, started out on a WHV then decided to stick around for true love!


Thank you all so much for your time, I really appreciate it. I hope to get on and provide lots of advice for other people once I am a little more secure my own self.

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1. Not sure 100% if they're needed but I scanned and uploaded my passport photo with my application (I included them since they were on the checklist and easily included)

2. You remain on the WHV until it expires, then the bridging visa (BVA) kicks in. You can't travel on a BVA so you need to apply for a BVB to be able to re-enter Australia from your trip. Advise DIBP of your travel plans when it's near time for you to go so they're aware, just in case they're ready to grant the visa (since you need to be back in Australia for them to do that).

3. Only you need health/character checks. If you have dependent minor children from another father, your partner would need a police check.

4. Many wait until the CO asks for these since they're typically valid 12 months and the applications are currently taking longer than that to process so less risk of having them expire.


186 ENS Temporary Residence Transition - Granted Dec 2013 :biggrin:

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Thank you so much MaggeMay24! You are fabulous. I kind of feel like I knew the answers, but I just wanted some reassurance, you know? Crazy as that may sound. When it's such a huge amount of work and a financial beast I don't want to take any chances and sometimes just hearing from someone else makes all the difference.

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Maggie answered perfectly - just to add to it, yes, you'll scan & upload one of your passport photos. No need to scan the back. Just the front.

Applied for PMV 300: 18 April 2013 (Washington, D.C.) Police Checks: Front-loaded. Medicals: 3 June 2013 Meds Referred: ? Meds Cleared: 8/2013 PMV GRANTED: 03 JAN 2014! Married: March 2014. Applied for 820: 28 April 2014. 820 GRANTED: 07 July 2014!

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