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Technical Interview Cook Vetassess

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Hi, I have techincal interview with vetassess coming soon for Asian cookery. I have searched virtually everywhere on the internet and have not found anything relevant. Can someone please advice about the kind of questions they ask? Any help will be appreciated.

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On 06/07/2018 at 13:19, Jobin jose said:

If there is any idea about this topic ,pls help me 

Hi mate, i applied for skill assessment as a chef, i worked in U.K for 7 years and now i am aussland working as a chef. i searched all over the internet and this is what i found from different forums.

date of birth, place, your name, about your study(,interoduction) then they will start questioning which are technical. temperature, how you clean your burner, knives, shelves, what is Prepration mean, mise in plus, how many staff members, chairs, tables, electronic equipment, what is critical hazard identification, how you can control, cross -contamination,what will you do if any staff member get sick, what you will do if any conflict will occur among staff, what you do if any electronic equipment doesn't work, recycling, where you keep cleaning products, Show some pictures and asked name of that picture like any dessert, entree, main dish... Types of pasta, sandwich, cutting method. About my experience, pay, how i get my pay, name of members, their positions, coolroom temprature, how we store raw or cooked food, what we will do if food is going to burn in coolroom, personal hygiene, FIFO(first in first out), fridge temprature, what is WPRW(wash peel rewash). All questions running on computer screen step by step but make sure listen them carefully and make eye contact. If you don't understand any question ask them, don't follow screen much because sometimes they ask different question but screen has different.

In australia you can buy books for each competency. I have question for you, how long it take to get through stage 1 and was there any employment verification as i am worried if my previous boss in U.K will answer it (he is mostly out of country on holidays..

and if you need more information let me know, i bought 10 books for now and going through them 

Kind regards

Citizenship Applied - 21/05/20, Application - Received , Council - Randwick

VetAssess Applied - 10/06/18, Positive Skill Assessment -  15/10/18 EOI NSW  190 - 23/10/18, Invitation -  15/11/18, Nomination Applied - 19/11/18,   Nomination Approved- 20/11/18, Visa Lodged - 27/11/18, Health exam - 19/12/18, Grant - 21/05/19

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