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Sarah and Paul

why does it take soooooo long?

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We appointed an agent October 07 - ( 176 state nominated perm visa) - Paul is a bricklayer so we had to gather all the evidence for Vetassess and just missed getting on the April practical tests. We have been told he will be on the July practical test. It will have taken nearly 10 months to the practical skills stage and we still would not have applied for the visa!


It seems waiting for Vetassess practical tests is causing a bottleneck in the application process - we were told by our agent that they would be doing practical assessments every other month - but this does not seem to be the case - as far as we know this year April has been the first and the next is July.


It great to read when people get their visa's - but it feels like it is going to take for ever to get ours and it seems most people are in the final stages of their application - medicals etc ...(i am sure there are plenty of people like us but I feel fed up).


Is a visa application dealt with quicker when you have been state nominated?


any tips on being patient?? not doing too well at the moment.

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Guest jogrant3232

Hi paul and Sarah

I know what your going through as you can see from my timeline. The wait is agonising but it will be worth it in the end.

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