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I submitted EOI for 189 and 190 visas. I have already got invitation for 189 and applied for state nomination from SA. Today SA immigration refused application saying that

The applicant’s Expression of Interest (EOI) for a state nominated visa cannot be located.

My queries:



  1. I dont know why they could not locate my EOI. I checked several times and found EOI ID is correcr. Is there any possibility that it happened because of 189 visa invitation?
  2. In this case, can I submit another EOI for 190 visa only as my current EOI is locked for 60 days because of 189 invitation? For some personal reasons, I prefer applying 190 over 189.
  3. I need one more info please. If I do not apply for 189 visa after getting this invitation, will it affect if I apply 190 or 189 later on?



Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Best regards,


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I imagine if you submitted your application online, you may think you submitted it OK, but it did not actually go through, or if you posted it, it went astray in the mail?

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