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Partner visa - ? current processing time

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Hi All,


I applied online for my partner visa in mid-March this year, and aside from the payment confirmation/bridging visa email received immediately after submission, I have heard absolutely nothing else.


Just wondered if anyone else has recently applied and has any ideas about current processing times?


Thanks for your help,


Chris & Ash

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Onshore you're looking at supposedly 12-18 months, though on another forum we've seen several six-month grants recently. They could be flukes, though.

Applied for PMV 300: 18 April 2013 (Washington, D.C.) Police Checks: Front-loaded. Medicals: 3 June 2013 Meds Referred: ? Meds Cleared: 8/2013 PMV GRANTED: 03 JAN 2014! Married: March 2014. Applied for 820: 28 April 2014. 820 GRANTED: 07 July 2014!

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