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What would be the best and most diverse plant ticket to attain?

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I'm looking for work but think it might be wise to diversify my skills, I come from a construction background and I'm thinking about getting a ticket to drive plant, is it worth doing this in the way that are there good opportunities and good pay in this area? Also what would be the best/ most lucrative ticket to get?



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Not 100% sure on all states, but there has been some nationwide harmonization on this recently, but in Queensland you no longer get tickets for most plant types now , you need 'certificate of Competence' (which in reality is a ticket) or 'Verification of Competence' and these can even be given by the contractor or plant hire company. Opportunities for work depends on where you are intending to go and being in the right place at the right time.


Good luck

Enjoying life in Queensland

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Got this from http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace/licensingregistrations/licences/dontneed/index.htm#.U-CvGOOSxbK

Licences no longer required

Several types of licences previously issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland are now discontinued. These are:



  • building maintenance unit
  • bulkloader or shiploader
  • internal combustion locomotive
  • refrigeration plant
  • trencher
  • crane chaser
  • dragline
  • straddle carrier
  • cable way
  • explosive power tool
  • front-end loader/backhoe
  • front-end loader
  • skid steer loader
  • excavator
  • dozer
  • bridge or gantry crane with 3 or less powered operations
  • road roller
  • scraper
  • grader


Although these licences are no longer required, persons conducting a business or undertaking still have a duty to provide information, training, instruction and/or supervision necessary to ensure the health and safety of all persons.



But you do need a High Risk Work ticket to operate a Fork Lift, Crane, ect.


I think your biggest problem would be lack of experience (if you do not have any) operating any plant as most jobs require you to have some for safety reasons and to meet the productivity that's wanted. Have seen a few guys with experience looking for work on Facebook and Gum tree.

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