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do i need travel insurance, subclass 309??

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Hi there, I am moving over to Oz next week and am wondering if anybody could help re travel insurance? Stupid question, but do I need to get travel insurance for when I am in oz- I have de facto sponsorship, subclass 309, but am wondering about how to cover my health whilst i am out there. I know I am eligible to be on Medicare, but if something (god forbid) happens, will I also be covered or should I take a trip to the post office and get myself some travel cover? im also not 100% sure what my cover is with dental? Any help would be really appreciated!!!!


thanks in advance!



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You can get travel insurance to cover you on your journey over. So luggage, transit etc covered. And medical. I always get it.


Once in AUS, sign up for Medicare. And look into ambulance cover. And then if you feel you need it, private medical and/or dental.

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