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Flight ticket with multiple stops in Oz

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Anyone here who know the best way to buy a flight ticket from Sidney to Cairns including some stop over?


Next year I plan to do a trip from Sweden to Sidney, Brisbane, Rockhampton and at last Cairns and from there back to Sweden.

I intend to stay between one or two weeks at each place.


Of course I can buy one ticket for each distance, but it must be cheaper to buy just one including the stops I want to make.


Would be great if anybody could give me some advicese :biggrin:.


Many thanks in advance!!

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Not sure if it is still available but Etihad were offering flights to Australia with internal flights added on flown on Virgin Australia. May be worth looking at them and maybe as Emirates have an agreement with Qantas they may offer something as well. Not sure that helps allot sorry but could be worth looking at

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