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Delay in child Visa 101

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Hi All,


I have applied for child visa (subclass 101) on 31st December 2013 and till now I guess even case officer is not assigned. I need to travel to Oz by first week of June cause of my work commitments, what are my options if child visa is not granted till then?

Can I apply for visitor visa for my 20 month old baby ? My wife and I'm having GSM 175.

Quick help and guidance will be really appreciated.




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Where did you apply to? Depending which coypu try you are from - technically yes you could apply for a visitors visa while waiting for child visa, but if the visitors visa will be granted is a different matter, if you are from a HR country possibly the visitors visa will not be granted, and will have to wait for the grant of the child visa. Also as you have applied offshore your child will also need to be offshore when the visa is granted. Usually you inform your CO regarding your plans and they will allow you time to get offshore.

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