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Some hints and tips for anyone who is considering migrating as a Health and Safety professional or is currently working in that field in Australia already.


The first point to note is that there is no national approach to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) here in Australia. They recently harmonised the health and safety legislation in all of the states except Western Australia and Victoria via the introduction of the new Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (WHS Act 2012).


Why didn't they adopt this in WA and Vic? The best analogy is to see WA as the USA and Vic as the UK. They have a special relationship and are often reluctant to do what everyone else is doing in Australia just as the USA does around the world and the UK does in the EU. So, this is why there is no national approach to OHS in Australia.


This doesn't mean that the introduction of the new WHS Act hasn't had an impact on both WA and Vic in terms of nationally recognised Work Health and Safety courses. Why does this matter, I hear you ask. It matters because if you are considering undertaking a course of study in the field of OHS in Australia or from overseas you need to know that the old certificate IV Occupational Health and Safety and the old Diploma Occupational Health and Safety have now been superseded by the following two courses:


· BSB41412 Certificate IV Work Health and Safety

· BSB51312 Diploma Work Health and Safety


The point of this post is to make sure that you don’t throw your money away on now defunct OHS courses.




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Thank you so much Karl for sharing this information. I have recently enrolled in Cert IV Work Health & Safety and came to know about all these changes.

Are you a H&S professional Karl, in Australia? as then I might have a few questions to ask you :)

IELTS Mar 2011 Overall 8, VETASSESS 27/Oct/2011- 07/Mar/2012, WA SS 18/Mar/2012 - 04/APR/2012, 176 Applied 07/APR/2012, CO Assigned 03/May/2012, PCC/Med Req 03/Sep/2013, Visa Grant 21/Sep/2013, Validation Trip 21/Jan/2014, Moved to Australia (Perth) 01/Apr/2018, Applied RRV 21/May/2018, RRV Grant (155 - One Year) 03/Sep/2018

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Nice to hear from you Karl. Thanks a lot for Sharing. I am working as a HSE Professional for last eight years over here in Singapore. I will migrate to WA at end of August 2014. Little bit confused about the courser I should take. I have Master Degree in "Safety, Health and Environment Technology" from National University of Singapore. As most of the AU companies are focusing local certificate course "BSB41412 Certificate IV Work Health and Safety". What is your suggestion for me, shall I take this course before move to WA?


Thanks in advance for your advice.




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