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HELP: Engineers Australia Assessment & EOI

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Hi All,


I have some queries regarding Work Experience Assessment by Engineers Australia (EA) and EOI. It would be much appreciated if some of you can help.


Here is my situation and timeline:


December 2013 - I had a standard occupation/qualification (Australian Qualification) assessment done by EA, and successfully received the assessment outcome letter.


Jan 2014 - Worked with my current employee in Australia for a year, which can give me an extra 5 points towards my EOI (makes a total of 65). Then I started preparing docs to get my work experience assessed by EA.


17 March 2014 - Submitted docs required for skilled employment assessment to EA. According to EA, I had to return the original outcome letter received previously, so to enable EA to issue an updated letter to incorporate advice on my work experience.


21 March 2014 - $330 additional service fee deducted from my credit card. No confirmation email received from EA yet.


Now - I want to lodge my EOI before mid-April, but not sure when I can receive the updated assessment from EA.


So, My concerns are:



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How long will my additional work experience assessment be processed by EA, given that I already have my qualification assessed previously? The turnaround time for standard qualification assessment is approx. 8 weeks as shown on EA website, but this turnaround time is not applicable to my case. I was wondering what will be a practical processing time to expect in my case. Has anyone of you had the same situation before?



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Worst case scenario, if it is taking too long for EA to finalise my update assessment. Is it okay for me to lodge my EOI only based on my standard skill assessment which was issued in Dec 2013, even though I have returned the original letter back to EA, which I'm afraid that the previous assessment outcome is no longer valid as I requested for an additional assessment.


I hope my explanation is clear, and again your help is much appreciated. I'm desperate for an answer. Thanks!!!

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You should wait to get the outcome from EA as they will issue new letter with new date, you won't get the old one back.

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Hi lebourvellec,


Thanks for your reply.


I contacted Engineers Australia, the answer was what you've said. I need to wait for the new assessment letter before I can submit my EOI.

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