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Health Insurance on 457 Visa

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We're in the process of having our 457 Visa submitted (via allocated migration officer in Aus). His advise states that we need evidence of private health insurance to process the visa but we don't actually need it in place (and want to pay for it) until we are due to arrive around August time. We also need an Australian address to purchase the insurance which we don't yet have.


When and how are we supposed to put our health insurance in place for August without holding up our visa application?


Any advise would be much appreciated.

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Hello, we had this and had to fill out a BUPA form for Oz, just name, sign and bank or card details and scanned to send to our MA, Our MA then sorted the rest, and it was explained that no money was to be taken until we landed in Aus, as the policy needed to be activated out MA paid for it but now it's been put on hold till ( if we) get approved for our visa.


Hope me that helps a bit :biggrin:

457 Visa lodged 23/12/13 - Nomination approved 07/01/14 - CO Allocated 21/02/14 VISA Granted - 27/02/14 Arrived 05/04/14:biggrin:


SC186 Visa

Nomination submitted 19/12/16 - Visa submitted 04/01/17 - C/O 01/06/17

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I was able to buy my Bupa coverage from overseas. I told them the date I expected to arrive so it wouldn't start until then, and they signed me up and send me a confirmation letter which I gave to the MA for my 457 application. I called Bupa to tell them once I'd arrived so my coverage took effect from that point, and I only paid from that point forward.

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Hi James,


With your application form you must "show proof of adequate health insurance" for your stay.

This means that you need to apply for 457 visa health insurance during your stay with the cover not starting until you arrive (not the date you apply for it).

Two good references on this topic are:

1) http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/457-health-insurance-faq-visa-holder.htm - The government website about the 457 visa health insurance topic.

2) http://www.457visacompared.com.au/457-visa-health-insurance/ - Shows the main 457 visa health insurance players and has information on the bottom about medicare and other elements

3) http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/subjects/medicare-services - Medicare website (for reciprocal countries such as the UK).


As you will see Medicare actually fulfills your 'health insurance requirement' for a 457 visa holder. Problem is, you can't apply for medicare until your in Australia so if you go down that route you first get health insurance, then get medicare and then you can stop your health insurance. I would though consider some key issues of stopping your health insurance such as the quality of Medicare (and coverage) and possible tax penalties of not having health insurance.

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I just bought a worldwide annual travel insurance policy which covered me for up to 31 days for any trip - that meant I had plenty of time to register for medicare and get my company health insurance set up when I arrived. My MA submitted a copy of the travel insurance policy with my application and it was approved. Of course, this worked for me because I have a company health scheme that will pick up the slack from Medicare now so I won't need a separate policy, if you know you'll need your own policy when you arrive though, the advice above would be a much better idea! :)

Timeline: 457 granted Jan 2014, PR (186) granted Jan 2017, Applied for Citizenship April 2018, invite for test/interview received Feb 2019.  Citizenship approved September 2019. Current status: waiting on citizenship ceremony date. 
Almost an Aussie!

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