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Alan H

Canadians and Tax Treaties with Australia

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I know this is forums name is based on UK immigration but I'm hoping there are Canadaians out there that are working through or have worked through the challlenges with Canadian RRSPs/RESPs and what to do when moving to Australia. Anyone can DM me some Tax accountants that have alot of experience with Canadian taxes and Australian taxes and how they match.


I would really like to chat with you.. I'm about to move and I need to get this sorted out ASAP>...


Thanks everyone !

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Sorry folks, I am unable to help.



*Mods - Could you please move this post to the regular Money and Finance forum to see if someone there can assist* thx






Financial Adviser (FPA Member AFP ®) / Tax (Financial) Adviser (TPB)

SMSF Specialist Advisor™ (SSA™) / UK SIPP Authorised Adviser 

Specialising in UK Expat Retirement Planning Advice and Pension Transfers 

Director - Vista Financial Services – www.vistafs.com.au / 08 8381 7177

AR-322874 /AFSL-234951


Please note that my advice on this forum is general advice only and professional financial advice should be sought for your own personal situation.

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