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How to find a sponsor in IT ?

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Hi all,


We are willing to relocate quickly to Melbourne with my wife.

The easiest and quickest would be to get a sponsored skilled visa (457) as I have 13 years experience as a Software programmer in Java.


Is there any web site where companies missing IT resources are posting sponsoring-ready job offers ?


Thanks for your help,


Damien (France)

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Companies do post post specifically to get people they can sponsor as companies only sponsor when they have to because they cant find a local candidate.


the biggest web site for jobs is seek.com.au


Do remember though that sponsored visas are not permanent - they are temporary for up to 4 years and tied to the employer so if you lose your job you only have 90 days to find another who is willing and able to sponsor or leave the country.

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Are you unable to get a skilled independent visa? Or is it just you don't want to wait?


I'm afraid the IT market in Melbourne (indeed Australia) is not so hot that companies need to offer 'sponsorship-ready' positions. You may get the odd role advertised on Seek or even on Jobserve.co.uk open to candidates needing sponsorship but it is not the norm.


Best thing would be to contact large companies where your skill set might be valued, use Linkedin to identify contacts and be bold :)


I know Thoughtworks have sponsored people in the past and would be a good company to work for..how about this one?



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