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Pushing the age limit but hoping to move to Perth area.


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Hi - as usual with newbies advice is needed pls

We are a family of 4, I'm 43, husband 39, girls 10 & 6. Having put this decision off for years, we can't leave family etc, a month in Australia over Xmas has brought us to the conclusion it's now or never and we'd love to move to perth.

Why Perth? Well husband works in HR / Recruitment and has worked for quite some time in oil and gas so he's attracted to Perth for the opportunities in O&G, luckily we all loved it whilst we were there. HR manager is on the SOL I think for WA so that's a start.

i think I present more of a problem, I'm 42, 43 in a months time, I'm a registered general nurse, but I've working for the last 16 years as an account manager for a large pharmaceutical company in the UK. I think nurse is on the SOL list but I'd prefer to carry on working in the pharma industry?? When I've put myself into some of these online points calculators I seem to scrape between 60-65 which seems to be near the threshold. If I get high scores in IELTS then that may help bump me over the edge.

Questions I have are what are the value of the down under live expo type events in the UK?

Is it worth using a migration agent especially as I may be near the points limit??

How long should we plan on this taking, is it my age when we first apply or when we go that's the issue??


Any advice gratefully received


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Hi it's age at time of invite. I was in a similar position I am 39 and needed my points. Started process with agent in sept (IELTS) then skills assessment in nov. I passed skills in feb - pu in EOI and got invited first time so only had a few days wait. I am 40 in March (at beginning) so only had 3 possible rounds of invites so I was pretty worried. All worked out - just got to apply for visa now.


Not sure about the other points but sure someone will have advice. I think though an agent would be useful because if you haven't had nursing experienvpce in the past 10 years you may not get any points for experience? I have been part time for a good 6 years so I on,y managed to claim for 5 years experience - without my agent I am not sure I'd have known what points to go for.


Hope it works out for you. Good luck

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Well my advice is don't hang about! It can be done.. I came over at 43 on a 457, got sponsored by my employer for PR (by that time I was over 45 so my employer put in an argument for shortage skills/special circumstances). I'd absolutely recommend getting a good migration agent to help you out (George Lombard gets good reviews from this site). If you can get PR instead of 457 then this is the

way to go. Good luck

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Thanks for your valuable advice!! I still have my RGN registration though as I say I've been in the pharma industry for 16 years. I would have to do a return to practice course over here to make sure I was safe to work before I came across if I had to use my qualification to work over there. I would prefer to stay in the pharma industry if I'm honest. One final question: Is it very unusual for a company to sponsor you with a job offer and do visas for you?? My husband has heard in the past of colleagues who've been offered jobs in Australia and the firm they are going to work for have processed visas for them. I'm dubious about this, as everyone was pre recession and surely people don't want the hassle of processing visas for a family of 4 just to get someone out there for a job!!

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Sorry I am a bit confused here who will be the main applicant? You need to work out who gets the best score and will pass assessment easiest. Only one of you need apply the rest will be included on the application as secondary applicants.


if hubbie is on the sol then he might score more points due to age.

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