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Hi all,


I have my 189 visa (with my husband together) submitted. We are offshore from low risk area.

We have done the health check. I am wondering do we need to apply for police check now. If so, when should we apply for police check?


We both have stayed in Australia for 4-7 years during our studies 5 years ago.

Do we need to apply for police check before we are allocated a CO? Or we should wait till the CO request us to do so.

Moreover, where do we need to apply for police check? both in Australia or only in our country?



The 2nd question is we are newly married just before my submission of EOI. We have been together for 4 years but just started to live together after married.

Do I have to upload any other evidence besides the marriage certificate to prove our relationship?




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Hi Christy,


There's no need to wait for your case officer, you should go ahead and apply for your police clearances now. You'll need one from each country you have spent more than 12 cumulative months in within the last 10 years since turning 16.


Usually a marriage certificate alone is sufficient for this visa, but it wouldn't hurt to submit a small sample of other evidence to show the genuineness of the spousal relationship.


All the best,

Client Service Manager - QuickVisas / Carman & Associates.


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