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Moving to Melbourne

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Hi All,


I am a Civil/Structural Engineer moving back to Oz from Houston. I am planning to do this in June in preparation for school.

I have a few questions for you guys.


1. How is the job market there currently? Will I be able to get a job within a reasonable time when I finally move back?

2. Hopefully, I will be going to grad school in August. I have already been accepted at the Victoria University. Still waiting for University of Melbourne (my preference) if they will accept me or not. Having said this, what are the suburbs that are safe and close to these two universities (and at the same time close to public transportation since I will not have a car right away)for a single lady to live in. Also, I am a runner and a cyclist. I would also love it if I would be able to find a place where I can ride my bike or run from home to the cycling/running trails. Is it also possible to ride a bicycle or a vespa from the suburbs to the CBD? I lived in Perth for a while and almost all of the nearby suburbs are accessible by bicycle and the trails are awesome. Quite a number of people ride to work there.


Thanks y'all and I appreciate your taking the time to read this.

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Not sure about the job market right now. Hopefully someone else can comment on that.


With regards to suburbs, you could consider carlton, carlton north, parkville & parts of north melbourne. They would be the closest to university of Melbourne. The public transportation to univeristy is really good. lots of tram lines, most which run up Swanston street through the city. You could also consider suburbs on the south side such as southbank and south Melbourne ( around Domain Interchange). There are plenty of bike lines/paths in the city and some really nice trails along the river. You can see some of the options here:



Moved to Oz 02/2011

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