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CV Writing Services in Australia


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Guest Prasanna Kumar
Can anyone recommend a good company specialising in CV writing for the Australian job market? I am ready to start applying for jobs / engaging recruitment consultants. Thanks!



Hi Sebmoran,


I am also looking for the same information, please do let me know if you hear anything on this at ramdev.prasannakumar@gmail.com.


Thanks in Advance!!!




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They are not fundamentally different other than they tend to go with the American "resume" rather than use CV but terms are both used.


Google will give you examples of differences but to be honest, I did not change the format of my CV to any great extent.

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Guest guest73691

I'm not sure if it depends what area you work in, but I didn't really change the format of my CV either. A couple of recruitment consultants suggested I include more detail around past experience as Aussie companies wouldn't necessarily be familiar with the companies I had worked for in the UK.

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