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Thornlands state school

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Hi everyone we've just had an offer accepted on a house in thornlands today and will have to think about moving schools for our 7 year old son who has some learning difficulties and high functioning autism.


we started him in wellington point primary when we arrived in October and they were great with the support they gave him. I am loathed to move him but our new house is easy walking distance from thornlands primary and bayview.


Just wondering if anybody had any opinions on either school, if possible from a special educational needs perspective too please

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Join up with the Queensland forum there is a link at the foot of this one. You may get more response as the forum is State specific.


You could also look at sites like Essential Baby which are for people to discuss all things to do with children and often local mums post about schools on these forums. Also gets you to know some mums from the area as well.


Good luck


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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