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Current timescales for online applications?

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Does anyone know what the current timescales for completing online visa applications are?

Just interested what anyone else has heard/been told by their agents, as ours is anticipating completion by August, which just seems very optimistic to me - I was expecting nearer 9-12 months.

Not complaining, but just wondered if mine was living in cloud cuckoo land!!!:biglaugh:

TRA /02/2008 TRA passed 14/03/2008

Visa 18/03/2008 PCC 24/04/08 Meds 7/7/08 Meds finalised 30/7/08. VISAS 25 AUGUST 2008 FLY OUT 10/11/08!!!!!

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Guest Col-and-Sara



That does seem optimistic, but you never know. The DIAC are currently processing online applications from 1st Nov 07, which is a backlog of about 4.5 months. In the past month they've only processed 3 days of online 175 visa applications.


Hope this gives you a better idea of timescales.




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