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Strange Phone Call..........

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at work..............................

It was the health board I work for asking about my place of work when I was an Enrolled Nurse in the late 80's (this place has since been demolished).

They couldn't find any record of me having worked there and asked if I had gone under another name at that time...........Well of course says I (I have since gone back to my maiden name........long story) and gave them the name I was under at that time.

Now while this conversation is going on, I am getting dirty looks from my boss as we are indundated with patients and I cut the call short.

Now, am I reading too much into this phone call (I wish I had asked why they wanted to know)...............because I am now thinking it is someone in Oz checking my application !!!





Sometimes the grass isn't greener at the other side - Sometimes we just have to water our own grass !

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Guest misschief

Oh my! I sure hope that someone IS checking your app!! Good Luck to you with this one!!! :smile:

As for your boss - well who cares - you may be leaving!! LOL

Fingers crossed for you!

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It could be - someone recently said their hubby's firm had a similar phone call - it seems they randomly pick applications... exciting



I just want PIO to be a happy place where people are nice to each other and unicorns poop rainbows

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