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ADC Certification

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Hi all.


My partner and i are looking to migrate to oz, fingers crossed everything will go to plan. I am currently pulling together all documents for the ADC certification to get signed by a notary, i have all of the relevant documents but my only confusion is the 'employment history' section, do any UK dentists (or people in the know) know what tax documents need to be supplied? the guidance note states "Certified copy of apporopriate evidence of self employment eg tax documents".


Thanks a bunch



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i am uk qualified hygienist and have just sent all my stuff to ADC , needed to send SA302 tax documents you can request them from your tax office . Hope this helps x

IELTS 4/8/12, vettassess submitted 23/4/13 positive result 29/7/13 , EOI 30/7/13. ITA 19/8/13 189 lodged 27/8/13 co 15/11/13. Meds / police checks 3/12/13 visa granted 14/01/14 :laugh: Moving to Adelaide sept 9th 2014 !

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I supplied my yearly tax statements from my accountant. Then they asked for a statement saying I had worked as a dentist. My accountant sent me through a letter saying that I had been working as a self employed dentist and they were happy with that.


They did waste my time by a whole month but that's another story. Don't expect anything to move very fast.



EOI: 29/11/2013 with 75 points Invited: 02/12/2013 Lodged 189 visa: 02/12/2013 Everything front loaded except for Meds C/O assigned: 11/12/2013 Meds: 18/12/2013 Meds referred: 19/12/2013 Grant: 08/01/2014 :jiggy:

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