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Central Coast High Schools

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We are going to be moving to the Central Coast next year as we just cannot and will not pay the ridiculous house prices in Berowra.

We were thinking of Umina beach or Gosford. This is however all dependent on good high schools. If my daughter cannot get into Gosford selective we need to find the next best thing.

Can anyone recommend any good high schools and primary schools?


Thank you kindly,


Melanie Charlton

Based in Berowra, Sydney:cool:

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Good schools on the Central Coast are about as hard to find as affordable housing in Berowra! Gosford selective, as you mentioned. Central Coast Grammar (private) in Erina, if you can afford it. Friends sent their daughters there and raved about it; both in uni now. Terrigal HS is only other I can recommend that you might have a look at. Avoca Beach Primary is best in area for year 1-6. I wouldn't be caught dead in Umina Beach, Ettalong, or Woy Woy, but that's just my opinion. I feel your pain about the housing costs; this is what may prevent our return to Sydney, because I am not going to send my kids to just "any" school.....Good luck....

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