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Pet Services from Perth to London?

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Hi everyone.


I'm current;y getting quotes to take my cat from Perth to London in Feb next year.


I've received prices from JetPets and also the Pet Travel Specialists - I've heard of JetPets and can find out info and reviews for them, but I can't seem to find anything for the Pet Travel Specialists, who are based in Willeton in Perth.


Their quote has come in a little cheaper than JetPets, and they also come out to your home to do the rabies vaccination, which I quite like.


Apparently both recommended Thai Airways as their preferred choice for my cat's route, but as of next year, Thai Air will only be doing one flight out of Perth, so they are a no go. And Emirates / Qantas charge and extra $300 on top of the $2500 already quotes to hold my cat in Dubai for six hours transit, as that is their policy there.


Singapore Air and Malaysian Air don't charge, but I'm not sure how good they are for transporting pets...


So may worries and questions!

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Hi hun, sorry I haven't heard of them either. At the end of the day once they are on the plane it is out of the agents hands anyway, so it's whoever you trust to help sort the paperwork etc.

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