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UK Passport renewal in Australia

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Just wanted to post for the information of others. We submitted British Passport application with Australia Post - Thursday 10 October and received back today - 23 October. So took 10 working days!! We submitted the application for C1 fully completed with the old/about to expire British passport with two passort photos one signed on the back as per instructions. They didn't want copies of utility bills or birth certificate. Paid the fee and then yesterday 22 october received the old passport back and then the new one today. We were advised the application goes to Wellington in New zealand and the passport would be sent to us from the UK - which is what happend, the delivery today is post makred from the UK. So less than 2 weeks in total.

Applied 7 March 2014 for Citizenship, Australian Citizenship granted 26 June 2014.

Timeline for 801 Partner Visa Permanent: Submitted additional paperwork 24 DEC 2012 - Eligible for assessment 24 JAN 2013 - Visa Granted 4 MAR 2013

Timeline for 820 Partner Visa: Applied frontloaded 21 JAN 2011 - CO allocated 01 NOV 2011 - Visa Granted 15 NOV 2011

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That's what our 5 yo's took about two months ago.

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