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Hi, We're aiming to move over to Brisbane next year and I want to be as organised as possible because we've got a lot of stuff to sort through in our house, some of which we intend to sell and some we want to take. I'd like to begin clearing our loft first and sorting piles out for car boot sales/eBay etc. My questions is, does each shipping company have their own specific boxes you need to pack your things into and if so do you buy them direct from the shipping company or are they standard packagin boxes you can buy online? I'm thinking that if there are things we won't be needing before we go I could get started putting stuff to keep in boxes so it won't get mixed up with the sale stuff. This will also give us a better idea of how much stuff we want to take to get a quote for shipping. Any advice you could give about where to begin with shipping would be really appreciated as at the moment it looks like a really daunting task! Thanks.

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Hi, we got a quote from PSS removals recently and they will provide all the boxes/packaging materials. They will bring them over on the day of the move and pack everything for us. I believe they empty any boxes u have prepacked and use their own.


I guess that's how they all operate.


Hope that helps.

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Can I ask how exactly they quote - do you need to get all of the items together in a room for them to see? Or do you just buy a certain amount of space in a container and hope your things fit into that space? Maybe we'll just start boxing up everything we want to keep in our own boxes for now then at least we can start to get organised. We've got plenty of time but I know it'll fly by. Thanks.

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Hi we used seven seas worldwide move cube. I have to say the service to date has been excellent and all out stuff is on a boat now on its way. We opted for the large cube and costs and sizes are below


The small cube is 1.88m in height x 1.11m in width x 1.96 in length or 70 cubic feet. It costs £420 plus $249 goods exam fee

The medium cube is 1.88m in height x 1.55m in width x 1.11m in length or 105 cubic feet. It costs £570 plus $299 goods exam fee

The large cube is 1.88m in height x 1.45m in width x 2.27m in length or 218 cubic feet. It costs £990 plus $349 goods exam fee


Just to give you and idea we managed to fit in about

10 x Small Boxes

10 x Med Boxes

2 x Bikes

1 x TV

1 x Welsh Dresser

1 x Coffee Table

2 x Plastitc standing drawers

2 x suitcases medium with cloths

1 x bench with drawers

2 back packs (large) with cloths

4 x large boxes

2 x electirc guitars in cases

1 x guitar amplfiier

A few other bits like umbrellas, cloth hanger etc


We did all the above and still had space left. It really is simple. You just call them, they come round on an agreed day and see where to park etc. When you choose your date to send they come over drop of a trailer with a cube in it. You have about 4 hours till fill up the large. We did a mock pack at home so it was ready to go. We bought our own boxes of ebay and cleaned everything ourselves. I believe you can get boxes directly from seven seas

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Brilliant - thanks so much for that, it's a massive help. I think our stuff would probably fit in a large cube now that you've explained how much you can fit into it (on paper the sizes don't sound that big!) Cheers. x

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The guy from pickfords came around with a notepad and we walked through the apartment and pointed out what would be taken and what would be left.


He wrote it down, gave us a quote and then the packers turned up on the agreed day and took it all away.


To help them on the day, we chucked all the stuff that was staying onto the bed (which was also staying) and they took everything else that wasn't nailed down!


Anything else that could have been sold on eBay or given away that we didn't need was already gone.




Be prepared to feel very strange camping in a house that felt like home the day before with picnic throwaway cutlery and crockery.


We did so for another two weeks. It didn't feel like our place without our stuff. The walls and floor were eerily empty.


You will then feel the same over here in a rental whilst waiting for your container to clear customs.

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