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I am currently on a 417 working holiday visa and have almost finished my 6 months with my company and they just told me they cant sponsor me! :(


I am in the recruitment industry and hope to find a new job soon which will sponsor me however, I have been told that companies like CXC will externally sponsor your 457 visa and you go on their payroll.. Does any one know more about this? I am happy to pay my sponsorship fees etc. Just don't want time to run out and it be too late.


Also is there any way to apply without sponsorship without being on the skilled list?


Any advise would be AMAZING!

Thanks! :)

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If your occupation is not on the skilled list then no you can't be sponsored, however recruitment always used to be on the list, as it been removed? Have you checked the lists?


If it is on the list, there is no trick to this, you just have to find a job and a willing sponsor. You are in recruitment so I won't try to tell you how to find a job as you know all that.

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