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Terri Irwin sued for $2.5million

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Irwin sued for $2.5m


March 5, 2008 - 12:00PM



irwin_narrowweb__300x375,0.jpg Sued ... Terri Irwin.




Steve Irwin's widow Terri has lost her bid to fight a multi-million dollar lawsuit in her home state of Queensland.

The wife of the late Crocodile Hunter and their world-famous Australia Zoo are being sued by a debt collection company which claims both parties owe more than $2.5 million over a complex loan deal with an offshore bank.

Alyssa Treasury Services has taken over several debts allegedly owed to various overseas companies and banks.

It has issued dozens of writs against various parties it claims did not honour "bills of exchange" - unconditional promises to pay money as part of their involvement in a tax minimisation scheme.

Lawyers for Ms Irwin and the zoo argued that Queensland was a more appropriate venue for the case because most potential witnesses were based there and the claim by Alyssa was brought under commonwealth law.

But Victorian County Court Judge Maree Kennedy today rejected the application, saying she wasn't satisfied the Supreme Court of Queensland was the appropriate court to hear the matter.

"The cause of action herein has a strong connection with this state (Victoria)," Judge Kennedy ruled.

"On the evidence at this stage, it appears that issue, acceptance and endorsement of the bill (of exchange) have all taken place in Victoria."

Judge Kennedy said she accepted that a Queensland connection could become more significant as the case proceeded, adding that she would reserve the right of Ms Irwin and Australia Zoo to further apply in future to have the case moved to their home state if fresh evidence was produced.

Alyssa alleges several parties including Ms Irwin - who is being personally sued for $60,000 - and the zoo promised but failed to pay large sums of money in connection with the loan.

0002009F.gif this ain't good - poor woman i bet she's real mad

** Here There,Where Ever Be Happy**



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