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Alan H

Comparative Information on NSW Local Government Councils

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Hi Everyone


Here is my question, below that is my main post, if You can help me I would be much appreciated it

My main question is there any other factors I should be looking into when i'm doing my review of which area I should be looking at ?

I did a search for this PDF document (Comparatives_2010_11.pdf) on this forum and I found no one had mentioned it.

I have been on this forum before and really liked it and found it very helpful when we had decided to start the process for Visas etc.. now that I have the visa now it's time to get back into the forum find out the information I need as well as help some other peole !


I'm moving to Oz / NSW in May-Aug 2014 and i'm doing a review of all the areas in NSW for



  • Commute to City
  • Drive time to Beach
  • # of Good Primary and Secondary schools
  • Average House / Unit Price
  • Amount of Crime (Still in progress)
  • Amount of Tax paid (Still in progress)
  • Speed and Types of Internet
  • Property/Land Taxes
  • Council Website / Council Phone number / Council Email Address



This women from the NSW government was kind enough to send me this document which I have started looking through.



Apparently the next years version will be available in a few weeks so will have even more data.

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I have to say i had a look at the link and turned it of after a few pages..............i couldnt move somewhere based on this information im sorry. I have to live somewhere that i can see with my own eyes, walk around speak to the people, i have to get a feel for the place. If i get that feel then i would research schools etc. Cost of taxs in my opinion is a muchness everywhere and nothing you can on that one. As far as councils go you can get a good idea on services they provide to the community by visiting the area seeing what amenities are available..........I would also visit at day night, weekend as well as midweek. As for housing well you still look at the area you are happy with after visiting it and seeing if close enough to where you need to get to, if you cant afford it you cant live there end of!

I have to say research is a great thing but to much of it is also a bad thing you have to go with where you want and are happy to live and instincts and feedback can only do that for you. Reasearching all areas of NSW surely is time consuming, go earlier than t=you need to if you can and travel around a bit Goodluck in your search x:biggrin:

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Thanks Tinaisrar for the quick response. I like your idea of checking out the place during the day and during the night. No amount of research can tell you what it looks like at night or how it feels. Thanks for that. Really appreciate it.


Anyone else have any interesting ways of checking out a place to see if it is right for them ?


All ideas and feedback welcome !

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