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De Facto, Relationship Registration & 12 Month Requirement

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I have a question regarding the 12 month relationship requirement in a situation where the couple have a relationship registered with the state of NSW.


Quick run down of our situation:

My details:


  • British Born
  • Migrated to Australia 2008
  • Citizen of Australia since 2012



My Partners Details:


  • European
  • 457 Visa
  • Lived in Australia since 2005
  • Pending application for 175 skilled independent visa, pending for 5 years



We met in July 2012, and formed an exclusive relationship in August 2012. We have not been apart since that time and stayed at each others homes every night until December. We moved in together at one property in December, and formalised this on the lease once my partners lease had expired (we were subletting in the meantime to avoid termination fees). In the time we have been together, we have met each others families (travelling to Europe to do so), have formed friendships with each others social group and have travelled together to Dubai, London, Warsaw, New Zealand (twice) as well as various domestic trips. We have also planned overseas holidays for next year.


We have also registered our relationship under the Relationship Registration Act 2010 (NSW)


That leaves us in the following situation:


  • In a mutually exclusive relationship for 13 months
  • Close family and friend ties
  • Lived together (across both homes) for 12 months (hard to evidence though)
  • Shared home lease for 6 months (easy to evidence)
  • Multiple travel together over 8 months
  • Planned future travel together taking us to 21 months
  • Registered Relationship (Currently cooling off for 28 days as per NSW legislation)



We can provide the following:


  • Joint bank account statement
  • Joint Lease
  • Superannuation beneficiary given to each other
  • Life Insurance policy naming partner as beneficiary
  • Travel itineraries and forward bookings
  • Photographs (with friends, travelling, with each others family)
  • Christmas and Easter cards
  • Relationship Registration Certificate (NSW)
  • Stat Dec from a friend who was with us the night we met
  • Stat Dec from a friend we stayed with in Dubai
  • Stat Dec from family member
  • Stat Dec from close friend we socialise with regularly



Do you think we have covered enough to satisfy immigrations relationship requirement? My only real worry is that we didn't really think to write all of our movements down in the early months (who would?! It's not like immigration is the first thing on your mind). I really wanted to get the application in before 1 Sept as the fees are going up, but we won't have the Relationship Registration Certificate until about 5 Sept.


As usual! I appreciate any tips, hints or insights you might have.


all I can say is this... visas were a lot easier and cheaper when I migrated here! Nobody can argue that the government aren't trying to make it as hard as possible.

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appears like everything's covered. you don't need to worry really. i've met quite a number who's presented not even half of what's on your list and they got it.

Happily Living in Geelong! :jiggy:

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Great job. Looks like you've got a great case! :)

Applied for PMV 300: 18 April 2013 (Washington, D.C.) Police Checks: Front-loaded. Medicals: 3 June 2013 Meds Referred: ? Meds Cleared: 8/2013 PMV GRANTED: 03 JAN 2014! Married: March 2014. Applied for 820: 28 April 2014. 820 GRANTED: 07 July 2014!

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Perhaps you could send in the application prior to 1st Sep, with a note saying that you are awaiting the relationship certificate to come through and you will forward it on upon receipt...?


Good luck



OH's Visa 309/100:
@ Aus House 19/10/12. KP Assigned. 8-9months.


Police and Meds
- sent to Aus House 02/03/13


309 VISA GRANTED: 02/05/13


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