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relocate to Cairns?

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Hi all so my story is myself my husband and our 2 boys 5yrs and 6mnths moved to Mackay in QLD 6 months ago we like the area beautiful local areas etc close to Whitsunday islands but its a little too remote for us we would like a bit more to do with the kids rather than just beaches and parks! my husband is a diesel fitter and his job has landed a contract in weipa and they want people to relocate to cairns or Townsville and we are considering the move, I have done some research looks like we can rent cheaper up there and there seems more to do i.e zoos water parks etc, can anyone that lives there or has been their share their views on the place and any reccomendations on what area is best to live? would like to be close to beach and have shopping malls etc close by, also how do you find the schools thanks in advance for any help.

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Zoos and water parks, you would be best on the Gold Coast.

Personally myself and the kids love Cairns but you may find it even more remote. We have a park and it has a couple of water slides http://www.sugarworld.com.au/ in regards to zoos one has just closed down and Cairns Zoo is reducing in size. We have a few other tiny zoos around and I really do like them. Quad biking, horse riding, cable skiing etc.

When you say shopping malls close by, how far? If you want beaches then you are going to be looking at the Northern Beaches so around 20 - 30 minutes to the CBD or 5-15 minutes to Smithfield Shopping Centre (only small) any other questions ask away.

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We live in Cairns with a 3yo F and 7mo F. The lifestyle is great, but it is the lifestyle of the regional tropics. Beaches are for looking at in the stinger season, but are beautiful along the northern beaches. Swimming within the nets is an option.

Cairns and the surrounding area do have some parks and small zoos, but nothing on the scale of major cities or the Gold Coast.

There is one medium sized shopping centre in the middle of Cairns (Cairns Central), and a small one in Smithfield. There are few other smaller one's around Cairns, but nothing the size of those in capital cities.

The weather is typically tropical: warm and humid (high 30's and 100% humidity around Christmas), to cool and dryer (18-30, with light showers) at this time of the year. Cairns enclosure within a natural basin means that it is warmer and wetter than Townsville.

If you think Mackay is remote, then you will find Cairns at the end of the world and Weipa in outer space!

But we love it here. We are all happy, we have family here, we love Cairns for lifestyle, and work is enjoyable. We've no plans to move.


FNQ, and loving it

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