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Need help understanding ACS result.

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I applied for ACS assessment with event type as RPL on March 23rd and got my result last weekend.


I am confused with the ACS result.


Following is the message

"Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under the 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) of the ANZSCO code".


"Your Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Communication Engineering) from XYZ University has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor degree with a major in computing".


However, only the last few years of my employment have been acknowledged. One of projects that I was working on, spanned 3 different companies (due to transitions). But ACS has considered only the employment duration of the last company among the three.


As a result only 2.5 yrs of my employment is acknowledged, though I have 6.3 yrs in total.


Could someone please help me understand how exactly is ACS assessing work experience and if I am eligible for applying for 189 visa.


- Jana

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Just a bump for you.

Has two beautiful Aussie little girls :-)

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