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Short term furnished rental Wellington Point

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Hi, arriving from Manchester to Brisbane in August and looking for a short term rental for 4-6 weeks in Wellington Point

so that we can do a reccie of the area and find a more long term property.


need 3 bedrooms at least.


Can anybody help please ?

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When do you arrive? Budget?


Just found one on Gumtree ........ it's not too far from Welly

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Here and loving it so far!!:jiggy:

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I live in wellington point, when we arrived we stayed in redland bay at a place called redlands retreat, I found it through this website. Whilst its about 20 mins from wellington point it was all we could find. It's 3 bedroomed, basic but clean, has everything you need and a good base. Not to expensive, there is otherwise not many options in the area. I would say it is fine for what you want it for, next to the bush so good experience of wildlife. If you need any further info feel free to pm me and send me your email, am always willing to help, I've been here 14 months now.

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