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julie and gary

Tra Cert Dilemma

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Hi all

wondering if you can help!!!


We were granted our 175 permanent residency visa last year? We used a migration agent during this process everything went smoothly...part of the process was to get my husband’s trade recognized (Tra)


Anyway he applied for a job in oz this week and they asked us for his Tra Certificate???


We have never received any cert I just assumed this was all tied in with the visa approval, anyhow we contacted the migration agent to ask them to explain what has happened and they told us that the TRA cert is still with the TRA board in oz. :arghh:



Has anyone had any similar experience? I am feeling hard done by the migration agent as I paid them a total of £3000 during the visa process and £1500 of this was for the TRA process..in which I technically do not have.


thanks in advance



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Have you contacted to TRA board to ask them for it?

IELTS sat 30/6/12 L8.5,R9,W8.5,S8.5 Ave 8.5, TRA sent 20/06/13, 1st stage assessment passed 15/07/13, 2nd stage 22/07/12 in Glasgow. TRA passed 29/07/13. EOI submitted 29/07/13, SS received 5/08/13, ITA received 08/08/13, 190 Visa applied for 14/08/13, Medicals 23/08/13, PCC uploaded 11/9/13, CO 26/9, VISA GRANTED 17/10/2013

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hi. I don't know your skills... so I don't know if your trade will need a licence.. or if you are in oz or not or if their has been changes in the last few years.. but this may be your problem!


The TRA for a visa ..... is one process. I did mine 2007/09

TRA also called ARTC.. for a workers licence/ employment is another process.. 2013.. like the first one.. but way more in depth.. and nothing to do with the visa agent!! the visa agent is only interested in getting you a visa.. not work.


TRA for a visa I got one piece of paper... with a TRA number on it.

TRA/ARTC (Australian recognised trade certificate) you get a cert.


if you have your first piece of paper( your TRA number) .. you get one free shot at the TRA/ARTC.. if not ... I think its now $930..per go.........it was $300 a month or two ago.


and too submit a TRA/ARTC application you need a Australian address. and it takes 90 days plus.


and I too was not aware of this till I got to oz...

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