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Hi guys,


We are planning on moving Down central coast in about 5 months, just waiting on the house to sell! Seems we're not alone in that!


My partner is fully qualified chippy and we have a skilled migration visa. He has over 10 yrs experience, I'm just trying to find out what he may need to put in place to be able to work on site in oz. Here in the UK think they need health safety card Ect, he has them all. I've been tearing through the Internet and just can't find a clear answer to what he may need, as I don't want that holding us back when we arrive. Trying to have everything in place before we leave, seems the sensible grown up thing to do:)


Also just wanted to ask if anyone is a chippy in central coast, how you found the job market, is site work hard to find? I guess we chose central coast as it seems to have it all. Not to far from Sydney, amazing beaches, family orientated, and growing suburbs, which I thought would be key for OH.


thanks x

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