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How much/month to live in QLD appr?

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Hello DownUnder!


Could anyone please give me a hint of appr. costs/month if living in north east in Queensland permanently?

I´d try to rent a house $1200-1400/month.


Since I´ll most likely be on a bridging visa, I am not entitled to any subsidies from the government.


How much would the following be per month appr.? Just a hint :).


Health Insurance:

Ambulance ins.:

Car Insurance (small second hand car):

Car Registration:

Pet Insurances (two dogs):


Doctor visits:

Food/one person:





Mobile phone:



Which costs are most commonly included within a house rent?

Water, electricity, gas e.g.?

Or does that vary between landlords?


Looking forward to some good hints.

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I have no idea where Yeppon is but I cannot imagine there is anywhere in Australia where you can rent a house for $350 a month, did you mean to say a week?


No I do not think it is possible to survive in Australia on $1,600 a month, life would be very grim. Why are you thinking of it and what are you leaving?

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I did a quick google of properties for yeppoon. You would be looking at paying about $400 a week minimum. So, I think that answers your question on surviving on $1600 a month. No. It would not even cover your rent.

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As others said, prices for rent vary in Qld from $300 a week in rare places to $700+ a week, pending what your after.

You may find cheaper?

BUT not that cheap!

When we rented we got our rates paid so paid for electric, house insurance contents and rent.

You do not need ambulance Ins in QLD.

Doctors vary. A lot are bulk billed so you dont pay and some are not so you pay the gap ( usually around $30+) each visit.

Insurance vary.

All utilities vary pending how much you use, just like the UK. We are a family of 6 so my costs would not compare to yours.

$1600 a mth would just cover rent and food and maybe not much else.

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Health Insurance: $70 ish per month for basic cover up to around $130 per month for top cover, per person (if you are a family, a family policy it will work out more cost effective)


Ambulance ins.: ????


Car Insurance (small second hand car): I’d hazard a guess at $200+ per year for fully comp (based on our 4 year old SUV costing $510 and our 13 year old 4x4 costing $330)


Car Registration: $650ish per year (this fee includes a basic 3rd party insurance policy. Don’t forget when you buy a car and you go to register it you’ll have to pay stamp duty on it - around 3% of the purchase price of the car)


Pet Insurances (two dogs): Around $140 per month


Medication: Can’t comment, haven’t been to the docs.


Doctor visits: As above.


Food/one person: For two adults, for in the house, we do a ‘big’ shop for food and household items every two weeks. That generally costs us in the region of $230 to $280. On top of that, we top bits up here and there as we go along. No idea what the tops ups costs. Then there’s the odd snack when out and about or at work which costs around $40 per week. If you are like us, you’ll be looking at in the region of $135+ per week for one person. If you then add in a meal out at a restaurant (accompanied by a few cold ones of course) at the weekend, it’ll be closer to $200+ for the week, per person.


Petrol/litre: $1.55 (91) 1.60 (95) 1.70 (98) $1.56 (Diesel) (we get ripped off up here in Cairns – it may be 10c or so a liter cheaper where you are going to)


Water: $7 per month (three bed house)


Electricity: Averages out over the last year at $130 per month for us (aircon got hammered by the OH last summer!)


Gas: Nil (no gas appliances)


Mobile phone: Depends what you go for. My basic phone (which I brought with me and put an Oz sim in) on a pay as you go costs me $30 per month. This gives me 100 free mins to Oz mobs & landlines, 200 SMS’s plus $30 credit to spend as I like. The OH’s fandangle Samsung costs (so she tells me) ‘about $100’ per month, on a plan which includes the phone, calls, SMS and internet access.


Internet: If you are a heavy user, between $60 and $120 per month for a fixed connection, dependent on the provider(s) that are available in your area. We don’t hammer the net so just have a pay as you go dongle (no contract) - $180 of credit generally lasts us around 4 months.


Which costs are most commonly included within a house rent? From what I’ve seen here in FNQ it varies.


Or does that vary between landlords? Seems that way to me!


All the best!

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Agree with the others I don't think you will survive on $1600, however, I think you know that as you have edited your post.

I have just had an argument with my oh as I didn't want to believe what our monthly costs were. When we first arrived in Melbourne things were soo much cheaper.

If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.

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Thanks frogian for the informative answer!!! Just what I wanted :)

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Yepoon is just east of Rockhampton. It's a bit pricy up this way and Rockhampton area is having a bit of a rental boom increase. Diesel. Is $150 ish a litre. Our electric is $200 a quarter. We didn't use our aircon, just ceiling fans...make sure the property you rent has ceiling fans in each room..they are a godsend up here in summer.


FYI I noticed you wanted a small run around car...that's what we thought till we got here, lots of large trucks about round these parts and every Tom, dick n Harry has a 4x4 with big bull bars on the front, can be a little scary driving around in a small car squashed in between huge cars/trucks :swoon: that's what we found anyway and had to shell out on a 4x4 ourselves as we just didn't feel safe but see how you feel. Yepoon is quiet and fairly nice, not much going on there but much more in Rocky so you might find this ok to live with.


Good luck with your move.

175- 23rd April 2011 -VisaGranted-21/11/2011........ Landed in Queensland June 2012. Let the fun begin........:ssign17:

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