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Please help for PR visa types. I am in real chaos!

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I am living and working in Cairns, QLD as a cook. My employer is ready to sponsor me. I have done certificate 3 in cookery and advanced diploma in management. I can do certificate 4 in couple of weeks as well because I have studied almost all the units of it as part of advanced diploma. I have valid IELTS with 6 each. I am currently on TR 485 visa which is expiring in 3 months.


My question is; can I apply for PR and what type of visa I should go for? Also, how much time do I have for all this? because I have heard that new rules are coming on 1st of july 2013. Does anyone have any information what kind of changes coming in? Please help. I am in chaos!


Also, if anyone can give an advice about some good lawyers/immigration agents in Cairns?




P.S: Has anyone recently applied for RSMS 187 as cook OR any PR visa as cook?

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Hey, , I do not think you need to worry mate. You have an Employer who is ready to sponsor you. And I see that your occupation is on the SOL. Now, all you have to do is see if you achieve the 60 points minimum you would need to apply for the Skillselect Visa application. The more points you have the better.

I do not have info on any good lawyers in Cairns. Hopefully some one else over here can help.


Stay calm. Stay genuine. Work hard and you'll be paid off for the efforts put in.

Take Care

Accountant (General) 221111, IELTS Academic 8(11/05/13), Skills Assessment CPAA (21/05/13), EOI Submitted 24/05/13 (60 points), Invitation Received - 03/06/13, 189 Visa Lodged 03/06/13, eHealth Meds - Completed (6/06/13), Au & Om PCC's Uploaded (9/06/13), Indian PCC - 15/07/13, CO Allocated - 5/08/13, GRANT - 13/08/13

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