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Insurance for personal effects we take with us instead of on the container?

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I'm really new to this (first post) and wondered if someone can point me in the right direction?


My husband and I are planning to move to Brisbane at the end of August and most of our personal effects will go to Australia on a container. I know we can get insurance for this.


But, some of our personal effects (including jewellery) will be travelling with us (I thought it would be safer). But how do I get insurance for this? Normal holiday insurance does not seem to cover the value, nor is it a holiday so I assume they would find it a reason not to pay out if anything were to happen.


Has anyone had to do this/found any policy that will work for us?





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Guest Guest62720


Try contacting Blue Insurance - 0844 871 0250


This is not a recommendation but a suggestion as we are aware they offer one way travel insurance. Carefully check the T&C's but cover can include the following as standard:


Missed departure

Cancellation and curtailment


Personal Accident



Premiums starts from as little as £ 13.21 per person and there are specific family rates as well. Depending upon the length of your journey cover can also include 'stopover' holidays.


Hope this helps




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We used Go Walkabout's 21 day emigration policy which would cover your worries about it not being a holiday. Not sure about the values covered though.

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