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457 visa letter of intent health insurance - very confused

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Hi, help !


just about to lodge a 457 application to come to Brisbane in August and been advised we need proof of health insurance. I understand we can get a letter of intent from a company, but what I don't understand is that coming from the UK we can also apply for Medicare when we arrive ? Do we need both ?


also if we get a letter of intent, do we HAVE to buy it from that company once the Visa is granted ?


can anyone recommend any companies for a family of 4 ?



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I'm sure you will need more than letter of intent. You will need some sort of health cover. The 457 visa has 8501 condition which states you must have health cover or can't get granted visa. You can not register with Medicare until you arrive in Australia, so require cover to get visa granted. Others have used travel insurance to meet the condition like go walkabout.

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Hi there,


When applying for a 457 visa you have to show proof of having adequate health insurance for your stay in Australia. It's a little grey as to what exactly adequate is but the mean health insurance funds such as IMAN definitely offer cover that meets DIAC (Australian Government) requirements. A full list can be viewed at the website "457 visa compared".


When you buy cover from IMAN, Medibank, BUPA etc you get an e-mail within a few days as proof of your 457 visa health insurance.

Now, this health insurance won't start until the nominated date (the starting date of the visa) and of course you can change this for free if it changes.


When you move to Australia you can apply for Medicare if your original citizenship is from a reciprocal country (eg the UK). You can only do this once you arrive in Australia.

Once you get Medicare you can technically drop your health insurance and just have Medicare. Just two things are worth noting:

1) Medicare is not like the NHS and many things are not covered (which is when you have private health insurance)

2) If you earn above a certain amount you get taxed extra. Often its cheaper then to have health insurance instead.


Good luck for your stay down-under:biggrin:

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