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How is the Tassie move going for you so far?

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Hello fellow Poms in Tassie


I am now one year into my Hobart adventure and have to admit I have no regrets with the move to date.


I enjoy the Tassie lifestyle and the people i've meet are great.


I am curious how others have gotten on with the move and how it has been for them?





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In a word, fantastic!


Before we came we obviously had high hopes that we'd make it a success but it's been even better than we hoped. Australia in general and Hobart in particular has been absolutely brilliant for us. We've both changed as people too and for the better. As you say, the people we've met have been fantastic and the lifestyle is exactly what we were after. We've seen a bit of Tassie but VERY far from all of it!


We both absolutely love it here and would highly recommend it.


Forgive the shameless plug but if anyone is interested in our time in Tas, starting from a few weeks before the move in late 2011, then check out my blog (also linked in my signature). It might be more interesting to read it from back to front, i.e. earliest posts first to get the story of the move.


Live and Work Australia - All you need to move Down Under

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Welcome, W! I'm not really a Pom...half a Pom, who was brought here at the age of 6, in the "olden days" as my niece calls it. :rolleyes:

We moved here because my Pommy mother hated northern NSW...but loved Tasmania.

I'm glad you are enjoying Tassie: here to help if you have any questions. :biggrin:

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